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Bladeless Drones: Spotlight on Mohyi Labs

John Mohyi is the CEO and founder of Mohyi Labs, and the inventor of ducted counter-vortex radial impeller propulsion. He currently has three patents pending and he is also a third-year law student at Michigan State University College of Law.

Mohyi Labs developed a “bladeless” propulsion system (ducted counter-vortex radial impeller propulsion) capable of exceeding the fluid mechanical constraints of blade based propulsion, and integrated that technology into a next-generation hybrid air/sea UAV platform. It is safe, durable, portable, and capable of operating in more environments than its bladed counterpart. The UAV platform is designed primarily for commercial delivery use, but has military, government (local, state and federal), research, personal, and space exploration applications.

Mohyi's technology has been featured on Intel’s America’s Greatest Makers series on TBS, and is a 2016 finalist in the Colligate Inventors Competition hosted by the National Inventors Hall of Fame and USPTO for the invention of the bladeless drone. In 2017, automotive applications of Mohyi drone technolgies will be on exhibition at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. 

Collegiate Inventors Competition

Bladeless Drone - 2016 Graduate Finalist

Additional drone testing clip